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The Ultimate Guide to Living in Ghent for Exchange Students

Welcome to the enchanting city of Ghent! If you’re an exchange student preparing to study and live in Ghent or considering the move, this guide will navigate through essential aspects to help you adapt seamlessly to the Belgian university lifestyle, culture, and the delightful offerings of Ghent.

Ghent Homes

Living Costs

Living in Ghent is characterized by its affordability, especially when compared to larger cities globally. As a student, managing finances is crucial, and you'll be pleased to find that rent, utilities, and amenities are reasonably priced. Ghent offers various choices to fit student budgets, ensuring a comfortable living experience without breaking the bank.


Ghent is adorned with a variety of neighborhoods, each boasting unique characteristics. Whether you’re attracted to the lively atmosphere near the universities, the serene suburbs, or the culturally rich districts, there’s something for every student in Ghent. Proximity to campus, study hubs, and nightlife are factors you might want to consider.

Local Culture

Ghent is rich in culture, with its medieval architecture, vibrant festivals, and renowned art scene. Students will find a warm and welcoming community, eager to integrate international visitors into Belgian traditions and cultural practices. Student clubs, societies, and international meet-ups are abundant, offering a variety of ways to socialize and immerse in local and international cultures alike.

Campus Life

University campuses in Ghent are equipped with modern amenities, comprehensive libraries, and diverse dining options. Students can access a range of services and resources that enhance the learning and living experience. Moreover, the city's well-connected public transport system makes commuting between your accommodation and campus convenient and fast.


Living in Ghent as an exchange student is a rewarding experience. The city’s safe environment, affordable living, rich cultural scene, and student-friendly amenities make it a desirable destination for young learners from around the world.

For more personalized information and assistance in finding and checking your accommodation, CheckYourStay is your dedicated partner for a smooth transition to student life in Ghent.

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